About Us

FarmBit, powered by Rabobank, is a trusted online community for farmers to hire or lease farm machinery and equipment to fellow farmers.

We know farm equipment can cost a small fortune to own and maintain, and can be an unjustifiable cost particularly for short-term or seasonal jobs. Whether a mulcher for a day, a sprayer for a week, or a tractor for a month, FarmBit provides a platform where farmers needing equipment are connected to other farmers with equipment to spare.

Our Story

FarmBit is born from an idea submitted by three Rabobank employees (Evangelo Rosal, Julius Aquino, & Wessel van Keulen) to a global innovation program. Founding member Wessel van Keulen needed a tractor to build a dam for his farm in Goulburn NSW, but couldn’t justify the cost of buying one for a one-time job. Knowing that other farmers probably own the exact one he needs, the idea for a farmer-to-farmer rental marketplace came to life.

Powered by Rabobank

Rabobank was founded as a cooperative in 1898 by farmers looking to support each other’s businesses and give rural communities access to fair financing. It’s with this spirit that FarmBit has been granted funding to build a community where farmers can share resources with other farmers.